Go with the Flow

These are the 4 steps to your Well-Being:

Step 1 – Cultivating your Mind
To know the state of your mind, take a look at your emotions. Feel with your heart. If your emotions are uplifting, joyful, happy, at peace and contented, you have a rich and abundant mindset. On the other hand, if your emotions are that of bitterness, dissatisfaction, lacking, fearful and disillusioned, you have a poor state of mind.

Step 2 – Understanding your breath – Harness your Qi
You take 20,000-30,000 breaths a day, but are you breathing properly? Understanding your breath allows you to oxygenate every single cell in your body. That’s right, your cells breathe! The quality of your Qi is dependent on the quality of your breath

Step 3 – Nourishing your Body
Nourishing the body, nourishes the mind and spirit. Choose the correct method, when, what and how to eat. Qi is abundant in food, choose wisely!

Step 4 – Movements to harness the power of your Qi
Gain perfect balance of body and mind. Access the full power of your Qi, develop your fullest potential, awaken your true nature and lifelong conscious awareness by practicing dynamic movements.