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Gain perfect balance of body, mind and spirit.

We all have within us the power to heal ourselves.

According to Zhineng Qigong, the ability to heal is truly simple.

The problem lies with our mindset. We have been raised up in an environment and our beliefs have been influenced by external factors. We need to remove from our mindset, the belief that we cannot heal!

Your body is capable of correcting any condition of ill-health. Know that! Qigong practice helps you to connect yourself with nature and allow this natural healing capability to operate. Your body is an amazing system of energy. Synchronize that energy and you will be in the pink of health!

These 8 Preparatory Phrases set up a powerful Qi field for your own daily practice. Take a quiet moment before each practice to mentally visualize these phrases.

  1. 顶天立地 Dǐng tiān lì dì –
    Visualize the head touches the blue sky and the feet plunged down into the Universe below. The body merges with the Universe.
  2. 形松意充 Xíng sōng yì chōng –
    Relax the whole body and expand the mind to the edge of the Universe.
  3. 外敬内静 Wài jìng nèi jìng –
    Bring your attention back to your own body. Having respect and deep reverence for humankind and nature and feeling gratitude and peacefulness internally.
  4. 心澄貌恭 Xīn chéng mào gōng –
    Heart is calm like a clear, still lake. Your appearance is reverent, humble and respectful.
  5. 一念不起 Yī niàn bù qǐ –
    Let your attention go out again and merge with the blue sky, emptying your mind of all thoughts.
  6. 神注太空 Shén zhù tài kōng –
    Merge your consciousness with the vast emptiness of the Universe.
  7. 神意照体 Shén yì zhào tǐ –
    Bring your consciousness back from the Universe and allow HunYuan Qi to drench your whole body. A huge HunYuan Qi field envelopes your entire body in all six directions.
  8. 周身融融 Zhōu shēn róng róng –
    Your entire body is immersed in the warm glow of HunYuan Qi. You feel extremely calm, serene and relaxed.