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Heal Yourself!

Zhineng Qigong

Many people seek out Zhineng Qigong when they are ill. Why is that? When they are ill, they cannot consume their mind with the material world and its activities. Instead, the ailment, pain, sore or numbness brings their attention to the body. When the focus is on the body, what do they wish for? ‘Oh, if only this pain, sore, numbness or ailment will go away. How I wish, I am well’. The first thing people do is to seek a medical physician to treat the ailment. And often so, they expect the ailment to disappear and the body back to its painless, normal active self. Over a period of time, when the drugs fail to work, they may come across a friend or read some news somewhere that Zhineng Qigong may be able to treat the ailment. That is the time, when they have the earnest intention to learn and practice Zhineng Qigong. When you practice Zhineng Qigong, healing happens as a by-product of your practice. It is a pity that most people do not take heed to practice Zhineng Qigong when the body is still healthy. Some may question the need to practice if the body is healthy. As long as you are alive, your body continues to grow, repair, age and die. Pang laoshi said, there is no such thing as a perfectly healthy body. At any moment in time, something in your body is dying and aging. Just because you are not aware of the physical manifestation of aging and disease, you think you are perfectly healthy. The aim of Zhineng Qigong is to bring a conscious awareness of the state of energy in your body, to bring the union of body and mind as one. You will experience limitless potential of your capabilities at this skill level.

Your body is very precious.

It is alive, it is constantly changing, repairing, dying and renewing at any instant. Millions of chemical reactions are happening at any moment. Your cells have the intelligence to perform its function; whether it is that of breaking down your food, digesting  the food, absorbing the nutrients, detoxifying, or removing wastes, it performs the function to precision. During Qigong practice, you enhance the energy level in your organs, your cells, your entire system. Thus enabling the efficient functioning of your own body.

8 preparatory verses

In Zhineng Qigong, you learn to relax and take note of the energy in your body. The 8 preparatory verses helps you to show appreciation, respect and reverence to your own body. It is a powerful exercise. Making this a daily routine will energise your body, allowing your body to return to its normal functioning state.

  1. 顶天立地 Dǐng tiān lì dì –
    Visualize the head touches the blue sky and the feet plunged down into the Universe below. The body merges with the Universe.
  2. 形松意充 Xíng sōng yì chōng –
    Relax the whole body and expand the mind to the edge of the Universe.
  3. 外敬内静 Wài jìng nèi jìng –
    Bring your attention back to your own body. Having respect and deep reverence for humankind and nature and feeling gratitude and peacefulness internally.
  4. 心澄貌恭 Xīn chéng mào gōng –
    Heart is calm like a clear, still lake. Your appearance is reverent, humble and respectful.
  5. 一念不起 Yī niàn bù qǐ –
    Let your attention go out again and merge with the blue sky, emptying your mind of all thoughts.
  6. 神注太空 Shén zhù tài kōng –
    Merge your consciousness with the vast emptiness of the Universe.
  7. 神意照体 Shén yì zhào tǐ –
    Bring your consciousness back from the Universe and allow HunYuan Qi to drench your whole body. A huge HunYuan Qi field envelopes your entire body in all six directions.
  8. 周身融融 Zhōu shēn róng róng –
    Your entire body is immersed in the warm glow of HunYuan Qi. You feel extremely calm, serene and relaxed.

Learn to heal yourself with Zhineng Qigong!